Comprehensive Aftercare Service for Your Beloved Pet

Our aftercare service encompasses various options including cremation options, paw prints, urns and keepsakes allowing you to choose a meaningful and respectful way to honour and remember your beloved companion.

Ensuring Peace, Respect, and Dignity in Your Pet's Final Journey

The aftercare process for your cherished pet is the final part of their journey. We are committed to ensure their dignity extends beyond their time in your care. We take great care in transporting your beloved companion respectfully from your home.

As part of this process, we are proud to partner with the Animal Welfare League (AWL), our preferred provider of cremation options. AWL shares our dedication to providing the highest level of care and respect to your pet during this final phase. Their IAOPCC-accreditation ensures they uphold stringent ethical and environmental standards to guarantee that the cremation process is conducted with the utmost care and dignity.

At this challenging time, we want you to feel confident that every step of your pet’s journey is marked by compassion, understanding, and unwavering respect. Your pet deserves nothing less, and we’re here to ensure their memory lives on with the dignity and the love they deserve.

Our Commitment: Providing Compassionate Aftercare When You Need It Most

We use and recommend the AWL as a trusted and compassionate partner in aftercare services, ensuring that your pet’s final journey is marked by dignity, respect and care. However, should you have an alternative aftercare service we are happy to support you in whatever service you choose.

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Comfort for Your Pet:

No stressful trips to unfamiliar places. Your pet stays at home, where they feel safe and loved.

Personal Moments

We see your beloved pet at your convenience, without the added pressures of a clinical environment.

Professional Care

We provide expertise, compassion, and dignity to ensure that your pet receives the best veterinary care.

A Thoughtful Approach to Aftercare: Every Step Explained

We are committed to ensuring that every step of your pet’s aftercare journey is marked by compassion, dignity and respect.

After your pet’s passing, we handle them with the utmost care and respect, ensuring a gentle and dignified transition.

We provide personalized support to help you make informed decisions about aftercare and memorialization, ensuring your pet’s memory is honoured as you wish.

We have partnered with the Animal Welfare League (AWL), a trusted provider of aftercare services, to ensure the highest standards of care for your pet.

AWL’s team is trained in providing compassionate and respectful handling of your pet’s remains, offering a comforting sense of closure for grieving pet owners.

AWL employs eco-friendly practices, utilizing advanced equipment to minimize emissions and energy consumption during cremation, making environmentally conscious choices.

AWL specializes in individual cremation, ensuring that your pet is cremated separately from others, guaranteeing you their ashes.

AWL’s trained team handles your pet with compassion and sensitivity, recognizing the emotional significance of this moment for pet owners.

Stringent protocols are in place to guarantee the accurate identification and tracking of your pet’s remains throughout the cremation process, providing peace of mind.

AWL offers various memorialisation options, such as custom urns, keepsakes, and memorial jewellery, allowing you to choose a meaningful way to remember and honour your beloved companion.

Frequently Asked Questions on Our Aftercare Service

Our Frequently Asked Questions about Our Aftercare Services.

Do you have a question not answered here? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re here for you.

Our Aftercare Service encompasses the dignified handling of your pet’s remains after their passing. We partner with the Animal Welfare League (AWL) for this service, ensuring respectful and environmentally responsible aftercare, including cremation and memorialization options.

You can avail of our Aftercare Service shortly after your pet’s passing. Contact us, and we will assist you promptly during this difficult time.

We primarily offer cremation services through our partnership with AWL. They specialize in individual cremation, providing you with the option to receive your pet’s ashes. However, if you have specific burial preferences, please contact us for guidance.

Our trained team adheres to strict protocols to ensure a compassionate and respectful process. Our partnership with AWL guarantees that your pet is handled with the utmost respect and dignity.

Yes, you may have the option to be present during your pet’s cremation. Please discuss this preference with our team, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

AWL offers a range of memorialization options, including custom urns, keepsakes, and memorial jewellery, allowing you to choose a meaningful way to remember and honour your beloved companion.

The Aftercare process’s duration may vary but is typically completed within a few days. Depending on your choice of urns or keepsakes the process may take longer however we strive to return your pet’s ashes to you promptly.

Yes, we can arrange transportation for your pet from your home to the facility. Please let us know your preferences, and we will assist in making these arrangements.

Unless you choose otherwise your pet’s ashes are typically returned in an eco-urn for burial or scattering. AWL offers a variety of urns and containers, and you are able choose one that best commemorates your pet’s memory.

AWL is IAOPCC accredited. They employ rigorous protocols to ensure the ashes you receive are solely those of your pet. Their commitment to individual cremation guarantees the utmost accuracy and respect in this regard.

AWL is the only crematorium in South Australia accredited by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematoriums. Their accreditation guarantees standards and processes meet and exceed international standards of care.

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