Supportive Aftercare Services

Supporting You Through Your Pet's Final Journey

Losing a beloved pet is an emotional and challenging time. At Vets with Heart, we’re here to provide gentle guidance and support, offering respectful aftercare services to honour your pet’s memory and help you navigate the healing process.

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About our Aftercare Service

In the wake of a pet’s passing, the ensuing moments are often marked by a whirlwind of emotions. At Vets with Heart, we stand by your side during this challenging time, providing an array of aftercare services tailored to your needs. From prompt and respectful collection services to dignified cremation, we offer a curated selection of urns and keepsakes, ensuring your pet’s memory is preserved in the manner you desire. Beyond these tangible services, our commitment extends to offering heartfelt support, helping you navigate through the grieving process.

Personalised Approach

Your pet's journey is deeply personal, and our team is attuned to your individual needs. From the very first call, we ensure a tailored service that aligns with your wishes and emotions.

Special Memories

From elegant urns to personal keepsakes, our curated memorials are crafted with precision and heart, honouring your pet's unique story.

Guided by Empathy

At the core of our service is a team driven by genuine empathy. Beyond the tangible, we're here to support, listen, and provide resources, ensuring you're cared for during this poignant journey.

Our Aftercare Services


In the moments that follow a farewell, you can trust our devoted team to be there. With respect and understanding, we’ll gently collect your cherished pet from your home, ensuring they are handled with care during their final journey.

Keepsakes & Urns

Remember your faithful friend and honour their life with a range or urns, commemorative jewellery, framed paw prints, garden memorial stones and glass ornaments. Please visit the AWL website for more information.

Private Cremation

We partner with an IAOPCC accredited provider, reflecting our unwavering commitment to uphold international standards of care. When you entrust us with your pet’s private cremation, rest assured it’s conducted in a dedicated single-chamber unit. Our meticulous tracking safeguards every step of the process, ensuring the ashes returned to you are solely those of your cherished companion. Accompanying these ashes is a certificate, a heartfelt affirmation that they truly belong to your beloved pet.

Communal Cremation

For those who choose not to retain their pet’s ashes, we offer a communal cremation service. In this shared tribute, your pet is gently cremated alongside other cherished companions. The combined ashes are then reverently returned to the earth, marking a collective return to nature’s embrace.

What our Customers Say

At Vets with Heart, we’re deeply honoured to have been part of so many families’ journeys. Their feedback not only affirms our commitment but also guides us to continuously refine our approach. Here are some heartfelt words from pet owners we’ve had the privilege to assist:


Meet Our Compassionate Team

Behind every compassionate service we offer is a dedicated team of professionals, committed to the well-being of your pets and providing support to the families we serve.

Dr. Gregory Wright

Founder & Lead Veterinarian

Dr. Gregory Wright established Vets with Heart out of a profound need he saw for empathetic end-of-life care for pets. With over 15 years of industry experience and a deep personal connection to the service we offer, Dr. Wright ensures every pet and their family receive the utmost care and respect.

Louise Cooper

Veterinary Nurse & Pet Care Specialist

Louise brings a passion for animals of all kinds, stemming from a childhood surrounded by a variety of beloved pets. Her dedication and love shine through in every interaction, ensuring every pet and their owner feel cared for during their time of need.

Eliana Tepe

Veterinary Nurse & Pet Care Specialist

Eliana’s own experiences with her pets have deeply influenced her role at Vets with Heart. She is committed to making sure each pet’s final moments are filled with love and comfort, and every owner feels supported.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In private cremation, your pet is cremated individually, and their ashes are returned to you. In communal cremation, several pets are cremated together, and their ashes are collectively returned to the earth.

We adhere to strict protocols and quality control systems to ensure that each pet’s journey is tracked meticulously during private cremation, guaranteeing that the ashes returned are solely those of your beloved companion.

The duration can vary based on the size of the pet, but typically, cremation takes several hours. We then allow additional time for the ashes to cool and be processed.

While we understand the desire for closure, our facilities are not equipped for pet owners to be present during the cremation. However, we handle each pet with utmost respect and care throughout the entire process.

Ashes are usually returned in a basic urn, though we offer a variety of urns and keepsake options for you to choose from if you’d prefer a personalized memorial.

In communal cremation, several pets are cremated together. The resulting ashes are then collectively and respectfully returned to the earth.

We understand the desire to provide comfort items. However, for environmental reasons and to maintain the integrity of the ashes, we recommend against including additional items in the cremation chamber.

We recommend initiating the cremation process as soon as possible after the passing. Our collection service is available to assist in ensuring timely and respectful handling.

We understand that everyone’s grieving process is unique. We can hold onto your pet’s ashes for a specified period, allowing you time to decide when you’re ready to receive them.

Yes, we provide a range of memorial products, from personalised urns to keepsakes, allowing you to choose a fitting tribute to your beloved pet.

Following communal cremation, the combined ashes are respectfully scattered in a designated natural area, symbolizing a return to nature’s embrace.

We have designated areas for communal ash scattering. While individual location requests may not be accommodated, rest assured the chosen areas are serene and dignified.

We adhere to strict environmental standards and use state-of-the-art equipment to minimise any impact. The goal is to provide a respectful tribute to your pet while being conscientious of the environment.

While the specific scattering locations are not open for public visits, we ensure these places are serene and fitting for the shared tribute.

The basic cost covers the cremation process and a basic urn. Additional costs may arise if you opt for personalized memorial products or specific keepsakes.

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